Friday, November 19, 2010

more craziness...first sickness

Well, we were back in the ER this week, but this time with Anniston...she's perfectly fine now, fyi.

Wednesday, she had been acting well, playing, and filling her pudgy tummy with food as always. After putting her to bed, we started hearing one loud cough every 30 minutes or so, and by 10:30 she was up in her bed with an even louder, barkier cough. I went into her room, and I promise she was struggling so much to breathe that I thought she was about to stop breathing all together (even though we later learned that she was getting enough oxygen). It was so scary, and long story short, she had the croup virus. I know that illness is fairly common, but having a baby with the history she has had, I cannot tell you the thoughts and fears that were going through my mind before finding out what was wrong. I struggle surrendering those fears on a regular day sometimes, so that night driving to the hospital, the thoughts were just too much. Stan, as always (and as I think I've mentioned before), was very strong and level-headed. God knew what He was doing when He put us together :). They treated Anniston, sent us home, and we took her back to the ER a few hours later because her condition had not improved as much as they would have liked after the steroid she was given...the doctor wound up admitting her, and we stayed until Thursday afternoon. SO thankful my mom was still here to help.

It really wasn't as serious of a deal as it seemed. Stan and I talked about it...being in the hospital, memories of previous hospital visits come back to mind, and it feels like the situation is so much worse than it is because we are seeing it through a perspective clouded by those memories. Anyway, we're good, God is good, and we praise Him that Anniston is feeling and breathing well! You can still be praying for a full, quick recovery.

It's so amazing to be reminded of His faithfulness. Just today, I was sent a sweet text by a precious friend who did not know of our events in the last week. This is what it said: "Hi! You've been in my prayers friend! I am CLAIMING blessings, hope, and peace over you! I love you! 'As for the Lord, His way is perfect and His Word is flawless. He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him.' Psalm 18:30" So neat to me how the Lord laid us and that scripture on her heart to pray...not a coincidence. He hears us and sees us.

Much love!


Big Fat Mama said...

Wow! How awesome that your friend was praying for you! God is so good. Praise Him that He was there with you through your child's sickness!!

Emery Wilkerson said...

So glad sweet Anniston is feeling better!!! It is so scary when our children are sick! Don't feel silly for being worried! I panic every time anything is slightly off with Hudson. Praying that all of us have babies that stay well this winter!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am so glad that all is better! Bless all of you! I know the feeling that you experienced and pray that the feeling quickly becomes a distant memory!

I will also be praying that Miss Priss is back to her old self quickly!!!


lindsey said...

You are such a wonderful Mom. May God bless your angel and keep her safe and healthy.
Sending love and prayers your way.

WoodardFamily said...

So glad Anniston is feeling better. Croup is VERY scary sounding. Eleanor had it about Anniston's age and again 2 weeks ago. They truly sound like they cannot breathe. I am sorry you had to go through that. We love and miss yall! XOXO