Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas fun!

First up: Christmas tree farm! This is a tradition now with my parents, and it is alot of fun!

Anniston seriously loves her Uncle Matt :).

Me with my brother...

Charlotte was 3 1/2 weeks old here, I think...sweet baby.

Next: Gingerbread party!

Some friends down the street invited us and some other neighbor friends over to decorate gingerbread houses. Anniston LOVED it. It was sweet to watch her quietly observe the other children and then place her pieces of candy on her house. I only helped her with the frosting and with unwrapping the candies...she put every piece on her house. Anniston was SO into this lil project and was the last one to leave the table. SUCH a cute party.

The front...

And, the back :)... It will be neat to see how her houses change throughout the years!

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

owl costume + semi-instructions

I have had some people ask me lately for DIY instructions for Anniston's owl costume from last year, so I am going to try to explain as best I can without remaking it to show you ha. I just do not have the time to do that right now!

So basically, it was totally a fluke that this costume even turned out...seriously. Here is what I did:


Several rectangles of felt from the craft store for feathers and flower, etc on hat. I chose a color palette including four colors: pink, cream, tan, and burgundy. (**It has been over a year since I made this, so forgive me for not remembering how many pieces of felt I bought!)

One large piece of cream felt from the fabric section of craft store (for the cape and hat).

Needle and thread or maybe hot glue (?) for attaching feathers.

Buttons for eyes.

Ribbon to tie the cape.

Pink turtleneck and pants from Walmart.

And, we were blessed to have the cutest Ugg boots from my husband's grandmother. Love them!


For the cape, I put the large piece of felt around our little girl's neck and just eye-balled to cut a cape the length of her arms...

Cut LOTS of feathers in various colors.

I glued the feathers to the cape with fabric/craft glue I think, but I would actually recommend sewing the feathers on so that they stay better...or I think I remember hearing that hot glue likes felt, so maybe that would work better. Start attaching the feathers by making a row on the bottom of the cape (with the tip of the feathers from that row hanging over the edge) and continue making rows of feathers as you move up the cape until you reach the top. Cut off excess at the top to make a clean edge.

Sew ribbon onto cape so that it can be tied.

Okay, I really don't know how the hat turned out even remotely cute or how it fit her the next morning. I don't think I even measured her...just prayed it would fit! But for the hat, I know that I cut two pieces of the cream felt in the shape you see in the picture. I sewed them together and flipped inside out.

Cut flower, eyes, nose, and eyelashes out of felt and attach to hat with glue or sew.

Sew buttons for middle of eyes.

***Sorry that this is not a very precise, clear explanation and that I do not have a pattern or anything. If anyone has a question, let me know :). If you asked me for directions, thank you for liking our little girl's costume, and happy crafting! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

okay, I'm back :)

Thank you for indulging me with my little break :). I have been trying to get adjusted to life with two while soaking them both up as much as possible. I will attempt to do better updating from now on, though!

We are all doing very well! I am mainly just going to share pictures today, but I hope to catch us up at least to the current month, ha.

Sweet Charlotte the day we were coming home from the hospital.

Family pic before leaving.

This little girl loves her sister. She seriously gives her sugar ALL the time. It keeps me on my toes because although Anniston knows to be gentle, and is for the most part, we still have times when she just wants to dive on Charlotte and kiss her MANY times in a row. She knows we think it's cute, too, so I guess that only encourages her to love on Charlotte more.

It has been love from the start. I absolutely love the way she looks at Charlotte... In the beginning, Anniston ALWAYS wanted to hold her, but now she is more content with looking and smooching.

In the car headed home from the hospital.

First bath! (aka: quick wipe-down)

Did not love it so much...does now, though :).

Anniston's costume this year. I almost just let her be the little owl again from last year since I was full of baby at the time of decision, but we found a cute lil strawberry costume that fit the bill for a busy end of the year.

It was so difficult to get a good picture of her because all she wanted to do was walk from me to Stan and back again...thankful for that fact!

Janjan and Pops visiting...we were thankful to have SO much wonderful help the first few weeks. My mom came and helped a TON, too, but for some reason, I am not seeing a picture :(. Thank you everyone for your help!

Oh, and our wonderful neighbors arranged for dinner to be brought to us every other night for the first few weeks, too. Such a blessing.

She is really so sweet. I do have to brag on Charlotte being such a great sleeper: from four to five hours a night when we first arrived home to now sleeping six to eight. THANKFUL.

My dad's first time holding Charlotte :). (*Remember that he had a cold when she was born :(...) I love how they both have the same expression in this picture!

My brother holding her for the first time...

And then my grandmother's turn :).

It's official: everyone loves her! These pictures are from her being just a few days old to a few weeks. She is now seven weeks old and is growing like a weed! Will put up a more recent picture asap.

I am pretty tired, and I kind of feel like I do not know what I am typing...ha.

More to come very soon. Mainly Christmas fun!

Friday, October 28, 2011

more from the big day!

Here are some (many!) pictures, mainly from Wednesday, beginning with a family pic before leaving for the hospital! Mixture of camera and phone pics...

Waiting room fun!

Grandpa and GG waiting by the door Charlotte was about to come through with Stan. I was able to watch all of this on a tv in the operating neat.

Charlotte showed off her strong lungs right off the bat.

As soon as I talked to her right here, she stopped crying...pretty neat :).

And she's here! Meeting the fam for the first time :). I love how Anniston is looking at Stan...

With his girls...I love these pictures of them...

SO sad when daddy and the baby went into the nursery :(... Kind of makes me laugh...

Big girl!

With my wonderful doctor!

With GG! (My dad had a cold so couldn't hold her :(...will have to share that picture when the time comes :).

With my friend, Chloe, who brought the sweet birthday cookie cake for Charlotte!

Loving Pops!

Now Janjan!

Big Sis played and played!

With Aunt Meg!

This is what Anniston does when we ask her to "Praise Jesus!" ha.

Sleepy girl...LOVE having another girl with great cheeks :).

From yesterday...wide awake!

Sorry, not sure why I had to write commentary under almost every picture when it is pretty evident what you are looking at in these :).

We are doing great! I CANNOT believe how awesome I feel this time. I thought it was great last time, but seriously, this is such a blessing. Going home tomorrow!