Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Things are going well with us...still getting settled, still sinking into our new place, new town, but things are starting to fit pretty nicely. There have been some little blessings/God-things lately that I just wanted to share.

My arm is doing VERY well. I went to the doctor this morning, and he said it looks perfect on the x-ray. I still am going to physical therapy, but much of my motion is coming back! It hurts like heck going to therapy, but it helps. I did not realize at all how much your elbow will lock up after an injury and being immobile for a few weeks. Crazy! Biggest accomplishment as of late: I was able to put my hair in a ponytail that looks half-way decent! I do need to say right now a HUGE thank you to our sweet family for helping out with Anniston over the weeks when I was not allowed to lift her. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for you!

Anniston is doing VERY well. I am getting a lump in my throat right now just thinking about how much she is learning and growing. God is so good. My mom just came for a visit after not seeing Anniston for only two weeks, and I feel like she had so many new tricks to show her! She is still OH SO CLOSE to walking. Her right leg is pretty much the same as her left since the stroke, and there is maybe only a slight difference there which is such a blessing. Still working on her shifting her weight/balancing because of this, but it's coming. She does love to walk with assistance and push behind toys! She was evaluated for OT here last week, and she did so well. She still doesn't use her right fingers voluntarily at all, but there are so many praises with her right arm. We've been told that the return of movement works its way down from the shoulder to the hand, so I shouldn't get too focused on the hand because that will only lead to discouragement. The MAJOR praise is that her right arm doesn't have much abnormal tone at all. Meaning: it is very relaxed, and she doesn't draw it up in a very tight manner. She uses it to pull up now, too, so that is a BIG praise! Any recognition of that arm/hand is awesome.

During the evaluation with the OT, Anniston's abilities with her left hand were mainly what was tested for developmental purposes. I haven't gotten the results, but I know she did well. There are still some fine motor things that we need to work on like scribbling, but she did AWESOME for the test. Obviously, OT is needed for her right hand, but if it were just for her left, she might not have qualified. She was pretty borderline, I think. That's a big praise, too.

She has really been trying to talk more and will try to repeat what I say. It doesn't really sound like the words, but I am just glad she is trying. She will say "daddy" and roar like a lion :). She has a WIDE "vocabulary" though and understands SO much. She will point to things that I ask her and will follow many of my commands. She just started to help me clean up her toys which is fun. She can brush her teeth and hair, and she can feed herself with the spoon, but I'm just still scared to let go of the end of the thing. My chest is getting tight right now just thinking about any mess being made.

A few friends from college have been in town recently and stopped by to visit! Refreshing to spend time with old friends!

We went to another church Sunday and really liked it. They are BIG into outreach in the community (including inner-city schools) and caring for children in orphanages in Africa. It touched me to see their heart to pray for these children and that several people in the church have been led to adopt from that very orphanage. They are being a "father to the fatherless", and it is beautiful. I am sure we will keep visiting around, but they did leave a good impression.

Something that I am VERY excited about is that two of my neighbors (the only two that I know! ha) each separately invited me to a women's bible study for our section of the neighborhood that starts tonight! When I got the first text about it, I was just overcome with thankfulness...it was like God was saying: "I was here before you were, and I was preparing this place for your family. Don't stop trusting. I'm always ahead of you."

We are blessed.


Kristen T said...

Aww...so awesome to hear how God is working! love you!

Lindsey Walpole said...

so glad to here how awesome Anniston is doing! I promise to plan a trip to come see yall come Spring! :) Yay for new friends and bible studies!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Yes! I love that He knew you would be there and he is outside of time and prepared friends and community for you! You have such a sweet heart!

Eat Cake. Change the World. said...

I'm glad your tot is doing well! And I'm glad that you can put your hair in a ponytail because one of my strongest memories of you from undergrad was of how great your ponytails were! (No, seriously!)

- Aurelia

Melissa Read said...

Oh my goodness at the things sweet Anniston can do! Go girl! A couple of days ago, I was showing Sawyer her picture and he really lit up - I think he recognized her! We sure do miss y'all, but I'm so glad you've already found some Christian girlfriends nearby! By the way, I'm still up for a "meet halfway" trip for our lunch gang sometime! Love and miss you!

Carey said...

I got tears in my eyes reading that post! Sooooo thankful to hear all the improvements Anniston is making! God will be faithful to finish the work he has begun in her! She is a doll and we SO enjoyed hanging out! I'm already looking forward to next time (and the baseball game :)
Yay for ponytails! I'm with Aurelia...I always had ponytail envy of u :)
Love u!

WoodardFamily said...

Is it not the most wonderful thing to hear them "talk"? It is mostly babble, but you know they know what you are saying and they really know what they are saying! One of my fav stages. Love yall! Cannot wait for a family reunion!

Kami said...

Wow! It has been so long since I checked out your blog and it was so encouraging! I love how transparent you are Lindsey! It shows the rest of us what an honest, God fearing woman you are. I am so honored to be able to call you friend. I miss you girlfriend!