Monday, February 28, 2011

using her right arm more!

Okay, some of you must have started praying extra-hard for Anniston since one of my recent posts about her right arm. I don't want to underestimate what she has been doing with it up until now, because I know that it is wonderful that she has used it to crawl for a while now and more recently has utilized it when pulling up. But, when it comes to other everyday activities, she hasn't used it purposefully. She doesn't use it to hold a book, to hold a toy, to clap (she will hit it with her left hand when I ask her to clap, though), etc. The only other times that she has used it somewhat knowingly is when we have held down her left arm or used an air splint in therapy to hold down her good arm. I also used to put two floaties on her left arm at home so that she would be more likely to use her right arm during those blocks of time...usually just a few minutes. Now that she is older, though, she has wised up to the air splints/floaties, so that method is not quite as effective as it was a few months ago. It has just been difficult for her to get away from favoring her left arm when she doesn't yet understand the benefits of using both.

Anyway, all of this is to preface the fact that she has finally learned to recognize her right arm/hand when asked! I can say "use your right arm/hand", and she uses it! Most of the time :). It especially works when I ask her in her high chair, so I recorded a couple of instances from today. Pardon our post-wagon-ride hairdo in the latter video.

Oh, and pardon the enthusiasm in my voice :).

Wasn't that awesome?!

I realize that this is something pretty superficial...she is healthy, and that is all that really matters, but I know that God is watching over her, and these are extra blessings that we are going to give Him the glory for in her life.

The other day, I guess I was struggling with some things (having to do with her speech...superficial, too), and Stan said "all I know is she's thirty years old, and she's a warrior for God." I love that he said that. When I was pregnant with her, God specifically impressed upon Stan that Anniston would be a warrior for the Lord, and that promise has carried us often.

So thankful for your prayers as always :). And, thankful to you, God, for your faithfulness!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

leading up to v-day

I could usually pretty much care less about Valentine's Day, but for some reason I was excited about delving into the holiday with Anniston this year...I guess because now that she is older, we can enjoy all things pink and food-related even more, as you will see. Yes, almost everything Valentines-ey that we did involved food, and I'm just now realizing it as I upload the pictures...hmm.

What did we do??...
We dressed the part every day of the week from pj's to regular clothes.

(fyi: we were not driving in this pic :)) She is wearing her cute "love" shirt that you can't see, but I just wanted to add anyway because I love watching her sleep. Mainly for the eyelashes...

We decorated our table.

And put out some pink flowers. (Yes, that white background is snow outside!)

A street near where we live.

Loved watching the snow.

Enjoyed heart-shaped pancakes with daddy in honor of the snow...

And, ate/drank/inhaled heart-shaped marshmallows in honor of the snow.

Had some sweet lil friends over to decorate cookies.

And enjoyed heart-shaped pasta for lunch on the actual V-day...(thanks, mom!)

No more heart-shaped food for a while, promise. We did have fun, though!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

chd awareness week...and other stuff

It's CHD Awareness Week again. You can click the link above for more information about the most common birth defect, affecting nearly 2 million families in the United States.

We are among the group of people who were blessed to bring their heart baby home, but not all heart parents can say that. I am forever grateful for our wonderful ultrasound tech who found Anniston's heart defect before birth because not all heart parents are blessed in that manner either. We received such great care, but there is definitely more that can be done in the realm of awareness and research to the benefit of so many families, since congenital heart defects are also the number one cause of birth defect related deaths. Thanks for checking it out.


Also, to add to my last post, things are great! I never even knew to ask for such sweet neighbors, but we HAVE them! The Bible study was awesome, and now I know so many sweet gals on our block! We were invited to two Super Bowl parties on our street but couldn't go because some other neighbors came to our house! Of course they haven't replaced our awesome friends in H-Burg, but this has just been such a perk that I didn't even know to pray for...I mean, I knew we would make friends at the church we eventually chose, but to have such a community around us on our street is wonderful.

Also, I usually sound pretty chipper on here I think, and I just feel like I need to note that I had a few off/sad days last week so you'll know that I do struggle. Sometimes I let unreasonable fears about Anniston's health creep in or I struggle with comparing her to other kids (she's catching up quickly and is pretty much on track's the walking, talking and right hand that are a challenge) and feeling weary along the way when results from therapy aren't immediate. It's silly, really, because she is SO healthy and beautiful and smart and is progressing very well considering...but like I said...I need to be honest. It's kind of strange but makes sense...usually after I write praises on this blog or speak them to people, I get attacked by the enemy with fears/worries/pride for a day or two until I realize that I just need to surrender those thoughts to the Lord. I know the devil doesn't want God to get any credit and that's why I get attacked, but I'm not fighting alone, so he just better watch out. That was last week, and I'm good now. God is telling me to be thankful because holy cow: we are blessed!

Next up: how much I've gotten into Valentine's Day with Anniston this week :).