Tuesday, February 8, 2011

chd awareness week...and other stuff

It's CHD Awareness Week again. You can click the link above for more information about the most common birth defect, affecting nearly 2 million families in the United States.

We are among the group of people who were blessed to bring their heart baby home, but not all heart parents can say that. I am forever grateful for our wonderful ultrasound tech who found Anniston's heart defect before birth because not all heart parents are blessed in that manner either. We received such great care, but there is definitely more that can be done in the realm of awareness and research to the benefit of so many families, since congenital heart defects are also the number one cause of birth defect related deaths. Thanks for checking it out.


Also, to add to my last post, things are great! I never even knew to ask for such sweet neighbors, but we HAVE them! The Bible study was awesome, and now I know so many sweet gals on our block! We were invited to two Super Bowl parties on our street but couldn't go because some other neighbors came to our house! Of course they haven't replaced our awesome friends in H-Burg, but this has just been such a perk that I didn't even know to pray for...I mean, I knew we would make friends at the church we eventually chose, but to have such a community around us on our street is wonderful.

Also, I usually sound pretty chipper on here I think, and I just feel like I need to note that I had a few off/sad days last week so you'll know that I do struggle. Sometimes I let unreasonable fears about Anniston's health creep in or I struggle with comparing her to other kids (she's catching up quickly and is pretty much on track cognitively...it's the walking, talking and right hand that are a challenge) and feeling weary along the way when results from therapy aren't immediate. It's silly, really, because she is SO healthy and beautiful and smart and is progressing very well considering...but like I said...I need to be honest. It's kind of strange but makes sense...usually after I write praises on this blog or speak them to people, I get attacked by the enemy with fears/worries/pride for a day or two until I realize that I just need to surrender those thoughts to the Lord. I know the devil doesn't want God to get any credit and that's why I get attacked, but I'm not fighting alone, so he just better watch out. That was last week, and I'm good now. God is telling me to be thankful because holy cow: we are blessed!

Next up: how much I've gotten into Valentine's Day with Anniston this week :).


Frazier's Family said...

You inspire me, you know. Thanks for being such a beautiful friend to look up to. :) Hugs!

misti said...

Girl, you are always so sweet and honest here; I admire that so much!

P.S. My Lorelei snow-smell is in full force. I'm only telling you that because you might be the only one I know who gets my GG references! Haha :)

jessie said...

we are all allowed to have bad days. it comes with the territory! your posts inspire me to be more positive. :) trust me, i know it's hard!

Lindsey Lee said...

Can I just say that I LOVE reading your blog?! I miss you friend- me, you and Kristen should have a Skype date sometime soon! Love you :)

Lora said...

We all are created for His Good Pleasure and to give Him Glory. Your sweet little family is doing just that. Read Psalms----even King David-a man after God's own heart-was low MANY times! He is faithful and will sustain us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the CHD Awareness week and reminding us to give to research so others may benefit in bringing home their sweet baby too. Anniston is such a doll! I love seeing all she's accomplishing and overcoming with the challenges she has faced. I remember in one post you called her a fighter and she is one for sure. She is also, SO SMART and aware of everything! God has such a beautiful plan for her life and we get to witness it as the plan unfolds each day! Praise the Lord! You and Stan are doing an amazing job with her too! God knew before us what was ahead and He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us on those "bad" days. I'm so thankful!! With you I see how God directed you to obtain a degree, with honors, in Child and Family science or is it family and child... oh well, it's been several years, :/ (Not sure the correct title... I'll have to look it up!) but God placed in you a desire to study child development and gave you all the tools to help Anniston achieve so many goals. I'm SO PROUD of you! Also, marring Stan was such a part of God's plan! He is such a wonderful provider, mate, godly man, and father! God even knew his sister would obtain a degree in Speech therapy, marry a Physical Therapist (whose mother is a Physical Therapist) to help you when you may have a question or concern! How cool is that! God goes before us and ahead of us paving the way to what's best for our lives. Don't get me wrong I too have bad days and just as quick as they come I dismiss those thoughts as I know you do too bc we know we serve an AWESOME God who heals, delivers, and sets free! Praise the Lord for Jehovah Rophe, our Healer and Jehovah Jirah, our Provider! Every time I'm around you, Lindsey, you really do amaze me at what a wonderful mom, wife and godly person you are too! I'm SO proud of you!

mom "GG"

Brittany Napper said...

You are such a wonderful mother and great inspiration for faith. I admire you!

I love Martha Stewart's "Flagstone." I hope it turned out great. I had seen that color in a few of my searches and it is a really pretty color.