Thursday, February 24, 2011

leading up to v-day

I could usually pretty much care less about Valentine's Day, but for some reason I was excited about delving into the holiday with Anniston this year...I guess because now that she is older, we can enjoy all things pink and food-related even more, as you will see. Yes, almost everything Valentines-ey that we did involved food, and I'm just now realizing it as I upload the pictures...hmm.

What did we do??...
We dressed the part every day of the week from pj's to regular clothes.

(fyi: we were not driving in this pic :)) She is wearing her cute "love" shirt that you can't see, but I just wanted to add anyway because I love watching her sleep. Mainly for the eyelashes...

We decorated our table.

And put out some pink flowers. (Yes, that white background is snow outside!)

A street near where we live.

Loved watching the snow.

Enjoyed heart-shaped pancakes with daddy in honor of the snow...

And, ate/drank/inhaled heart-shaped marshmallows in honor of the snow.

Had some sweet lil friends over to decorate cookies.

And enjoyed heart-shaped pasta for lunch on the actual V-day...(thanks, mom!)

No more heart-shaped food for a while, promise. We did have fun, though!


Kristen T said...

So festive! And Anniston looked so cute in her V-day attire! Hope ya'll are doing well! I was excited to see a new update! love you! Oh and...can we start planning a girls reunion for the Spring/Summer?!

Lindsey Walpole said...

precious. Mom and I did a lot for Valentines this year too. I love decorating and celebrating "holidays"! :)

"GG"s Journal said...

Haha, you did do a lot for Valentine's Day this year! So creative and I know the little girls LOVED the cookies! I know I did!!! :) Hey, but I LOVE anything involving baked goodies, flowers, pinks and reds!! lol

Anniston is such a doll! I love those pretty eyelashes too! You make everyday special!!

mom "GG"

Penny said...

Too sweet! Loved the Valentine-themed food! =)