Monday, February 28, 2011

using her right arm more!

Okay, some of you must have started praying extra-hard for Anniston since one of my recent posts about her right arm. I don't want to underestimate what she has been doing with it up until now, because I know that it is wonderful that she has used it to crawl for a while now and more recently has utilized it when pulling up. But, when it comes to other everyday activities, she hasn't used it purposefully. She doesn't use it to hold a book, to hold a toy, to clap (she will hit it with her left hand when I ask her to clap, though), etc. The only other times that she has used it somewhat knowingly is when we have held down her left arm or used an air splint in therapy to hold down her good arm. I also used to put two floaties on her left arm at home so that she would be more likely to use her right arm during those blocks of time...usually just a few minutes. Now that she is older, though, she has wised up to the air splints/floaties, so that method is not quite as effective as it was a few months ago. It has just been difficult for her to get away from favoring her left arm when she doesn't yet understand the benefits of using both.

Anyway, all of this is to preface the fact that she has finally learned to recognize her right arm/hand when asked! I can say "use your right arm/hand", and she uses it! Most of the time :). It especially works when I ask her in her high chair, so I recorded a couple of instances from today. Pardon our post-wagon-ride hairdo in the latter video.

Oh, and pardon the enthusiasm in my voice :).

Wasn't that awesome?!

I realize that this is something pretty superficial...she is healthy, and that is all that really matters, but I know that God is watching over her, and these are extra blessings that we are going to give Him the glory for in her life.

The other day, I guess I was struggling with some things (having to do with her speech...superficial, too), and Stan said "all I know is she's thirty years old, and she's a warrior for God." I love that he said that. When I was pregnant with her, God specifically impressed upon Stan that Anniston would be a warrior for the Lord, and that promise has carried us often.

So thankful for your prayers as always :). And, thankful to you, God, for your faithfulness!


Brooklyn said...

Yay, Anniston! Lindsey, you are a natural-born therapist...way to encourage and praise her even in the small things!! Love and miss both of you.

Penny said...

Precious! And I am so excited for Anniston! That's wonderful!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

That's wonderful! You are such an encouraging Mama- I love it.

The McCormick Family said...

Anniston!!! I'm so happy for the progress with her arm!!! And you are so not an awful friend:) He came a little earlier than expected...but is so stinking perfect! Being a mommy is the best:)

"GG"s Journal said...

LOVE IT!!!! God is SO FAITHFUL when we seek HIM with our whole heart and petition HIM our requests...KNOWING HE who created the heavens and the earth can heal this precious baby girl!!! She is doing AWESOME!!! Thanks for being the mom you are and Stan the dad he is to raise this precious little girl as a warrior of the KING of KINGS!! You are wonderful parents! Keep up the good work!

Much love,
mom "GG"

jessie said...

this post made my heart smile. good job mama!

Bente said...


I've been reading your blog since you brought Anniston home from the hospital and I think it's time I told you how much I enjoy reading about her progress. She IS a little fighter and I loved watching the videos of her using her right arm/ hand this week.

Great work!

Bente in the U.K.

Rachel said...

That is so exciting Lindsey! God is so sweet in the way that He is giving you those little glimpses of His work :o) Hang in there Mama, and know that the three of you are in the palm of our Father's hand...