Friday, March 11, 2011

recent trip to playground

Anniston L-O-V-E-S going to the playground to swing, so lately we have been taking her down on our bikes for some "family fun". She seriously gets so excited when we drive by the park and then gets equally just as upset if we keep riding past that enticing place of play. These are just a few pictures from a recent trip to said fun place.

*And yes, I am going to start adding a watermark to our pictures for extra security reasons on the blog. I have been meaning to do it for a while and finally got around to making the time. All pictures are © the martinfamilytimes blog and may not be used without permission!

She's not really too sure about sand as you may see by her curled up nose.

As you will see in the next picture, she just started to crawl on hands and knees a few weeks ago (was only doing an army crawl before), which is so exciting! I honestly just thought she would skip this step and go straight to walking since she was not wanting to use her right arm much (until now!). Her pt said this will be SO good for that arm. Actually, there are ALOT of exciting things going on with her development/therapy that I will be sharing soon, but for now, we would appreciate your prayers that she would be strong and able to withstand some hard work right now that will pay off shortly!

Was so sad to leave :(...

*Just saw the news about Japan and Hawaii...seriously pray for these people, as I'm sure you are. Really pray.


Anonymous said...

LOVE all the pictures!! What fun family memories you're making! She's doing so good! Grandpa and GG are SO proud of her! To God be the glory for all HE has done in her life!

Love, prayers and blessings!!

lindsey said...

Lindsey, she is so precious!
It is obvious to all that you are the best Mommy.
Lv & God bless
Have a grreeattt week!

misti said...

Look at that FACE! She so loves the playground! Haha - I hope she gets to go all the time, just to see that!

P.S. I hope you make that those recipes AND that y'all love it!

P.S.S. I think it is wayyy awesome that you have resisted facebook :)