Wednesday, April 20, 2011

today a toddler

Anniston took twenty-four steps tonight!!! Woohoo!!

Let me back up for my memory: After her intensive therapy, it took us about a week for her to take steps for us at home. I think she really needed rest and was also maybe wanting to practice a little bit of obstinance :). Well, we finally found our groove with what was working for her, and she started taking two to three steps at a time for us about two weeks ago. I remember her right hamstring being pretty tight (causing her to stand on her right toes and to be off balance), and then it seemed that all of a sudden several people had her on their hearts to pray, and I cannot tell you how loose her hamstring became at that point. For about the last week up until today, her record of independent steps was 6 to 8 steps at a time. I have been noticing a big change in her balance and weight shifting in her right side, and today at therapy, it seemed like she just wanted to almost run! All that to say, tonight when Stan came home, she started taking off!

I feel so thankful and so blessed. Thankful for the IMOT program and thankful for all of her therapists...obviously thankful for more than that, but I will stop there. I know this is not a life or death issue, but it still has been something that I have had to often give to God. Sometimes it seemed like it was just never going to happen, but I truly am thankful that this, along with other hurdles, has helped me to attempt to put things into a perspective other than the worldly one I am often inclined to heed.

Anniston is the most precious little girl, and I cannot tell you how much we have been enjoying her. God has given us so much more than we ever could have asked for in her, and I love her with a wonderful, nearly painful ache in my heart. I am beyond grateful for her sweet spirit and for the way that she loves others. As a friend in a similar situation told me recently, we are so blessed to have our babies stay babies longer than most. So true. Well, Anniston is officially almost two and completely a toddler as of today. No more my baby, but boy am I overjoyed to have this grown up little person, little girl, in front of me.

Okay, I'm finished being sappy.

We did not get a video of the MANY steps of the day, but I do have this one from last week when my mom was visiting. Thank you, mom, for all of your help :). Love you.

And, thank you sweet people for the prayers :).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the details

First of all, thank you all for your sweet comments and well wishes. I feel SO VERY blessed to have such dear friends and prayer partners in all of you :).

Second of all, I can't believe we're in this place in life again! We feel more than blessed and are very excited. (And slightly surprised in the beginning :)). Let's see, I will be 10 weeks tomorrow! My due date is November 3rd, but I guess the actual birth should be the end of October since I had a section with Anniston. Hmm...I feel pretty well. I have been a bit queasier (sp?) than with Anniston, but it hasn't been bad. If I eat, I feel good, so I eat all day :). I have been very surprised that most of my symptoms have appeared much earlier than with, I kind of feel like I did at 20 weeks with her. For example, the dreams have been crazy, as well as the hot flashes and slight insomnia. And dad, I keep forgetting to tell you that I have been making your breakfast burritos in the mornings and sometimes for dinner...I guess I need my protein :).

We saw a sweet little baby with a sweet little heartbeat at our doctor's appointment last week. My doctor said we will have our next ultrasound at 18-20 weeks and will also have a fetal echo (ultrasound of the heart) around the same time with Anniston's cardiologist. We honestly have SO much peace.

Well, I guess that's about it for tonight! Love to all!