Thursday, June 2, 2011

the big TWO!!!

Happy Happy Birthday, sweet girl!! So crazy that you could be two...we are all beyond thankful for you and your miracle life more than you could possibly know. You are doing so many fun things and are growing and learning like crazy...more on that soon! Love you, little girl!!!

We have had a jam-packed, busy, fun day. Before we went to OT, we:

Started with pancakes and eventually peaches...sad that I forgot to put them on her special birthday plate :(...but she didn't mind at all :).

I will say I couldn't believe the "two" came out looking anything like a "two".

After breakfast, Anniston saw her brand new pink kitchen from Stan's parents and grandparents. How cute is it?! Perfect for her big girl room soon. She loved it!!

Then she sat in her new pink adirondack chair from my parents. So adorable!! Will go on our back porch by the grown-up chairs!

After OT, we went to lunch. "Cheese."

In her new, spiffy sunglasses...she seriously LOVES them.

GG's in town! Yay!

We picked up a cupcake after lunch. A hit as well. After nap and some play time, we went to a nearby playground...she was sad to go to sleep :(. Sorry for the short sentences. My mind is struggling at the moment. All in all, it was a FUN day, and I will add playground pictures to this post later if my super-slow computer will cooperate! Again, Happy Birthday Anniston!!! So thankful for the last two years!

On another note: we go to the doctor tomorrow to find out what we are having!!! Any guesses? We have no idea! Will let you know asap.


Lindsey Walpole said...

Happy Birthday Anniston! And....I think boy! :) Thats just my guess though!

Anonymous said...

-aunt meg

Christi said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! TWO?!?!?! No WAY!!!! You are a HUGE blessing to many!

I am going to guess GIRL!!!!

jessie said...

happy birthday anniston! that's a cool kitchen and where did they find that chair? :) i believe you're having another girl. but that's only b/c i want everyone to have girls! they're so much fun! but i guess if i ever have a boy i'll understand that boys can be fun to. ha!

The McCormick Family said...

Happy birthday beautiful Anniston!!! She is so adorable! That smile is amazing! I hope you have a boy. I thought boys wouldn't be as much fun to dress...but I was so wrong! And there is just something about that sweet little boy when he looks at his mama and lights up. Melts your heart:) I can't wait to hear!

Oh and by the with paintings?? I can't wait to see!

lindsey said...

Precious birthday girl!!!!
I guess boy!
Can't wait to find out =)

Penny said...

Eeek!! How exciting! Happy birthday to sweet Anniston, and, of course, cupcakes are ALWAYS a hit. ;) I can't wait to find out what you're having. No guesses from me, though, lol! =)

Deb said... love. love. these pics! So adorable. It really is hard to believe it has been two years. (no predictions here....anxious to hear though!)

misti said...

Happy birthday, baby girl!!!

I'm guessing it's a girl...a sister for Anniston!

Sky said...

I'm guessing a boy!
Good job with the 2 pancake :-)

Amy Hogan said...

Happy birthday, sweet Anniston! Hope you are feeling well...can't wait to hear boy or girl :)

WoodardFamily said...

I cannot believe she is 2!!!! Happy Birthday! Time flies sooo fast. Congrats on baby girl!! Sisters are so much fun :)