Wednesday, July 6, 2011

another heart healthy confirmation!

Our sweet girl had her cardiology appointment this morning, and it was WONDERFUL! The last time Anniston had a visit with her heart doctor was exactly a year ago, so we were thrilled and relieved to hear that we can wait another whole year before going back!

These days, doctor visits can be a difficult feat. Not only is Anniston two, but she has had several check-ups lately that seem to have fallen around the same time (it has been a crazy two months of visits), and she has definitely "wised-up" to the process. Her bottom lip usually begins quivering as soon as she sees the scale for her weight...not a good way to start off. Well, today we had so many prayers around us, and the visit could NOT have gone better! She was a little nervous/hesitant at first but did great. The nurses were amazing and even let me put the blood pressure cuffs and the pulse oximeter (tells the oxygen saturation in her blood) on her. Stan even hooked up all of the EKG leads that you see in the picture above.

This is the Echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart), and I should have known that she would do well during this part because she loves a "TV".

(I know I'm talking like this was our first cardiology visit, but in so many ways it felt like it now that she is older. And, the fact that she doesn't have a paci this year to insert is another big factor...)

SUCH a blessing to have a happy, calm little girl for this appointment so that they could get everything they needed. And, what an even GREATER blessing that her aorta was SUPER wide (which we knew it had to be because she is growing like a WEED) and that we did not really have much to discuss other than "see you next year"!

We were not very anxious before this visit. I know that God places an extra measure of peace in our souls that carries us through, and we were very assured, as I just mentioned, that she is fine because she is growing so well. (Just had the growth spurt of the century, actually.) A blessing.

I will say that I was a little emotional-feeling at the hospital before her visit (remember, I don't cry in front of people :)). It was not because of worry...just remembering things from the past that took place there...and seeing other parents and just having a heavy heart for them...because we have a bond...even though they don't know us.

SO thankful. Thank you, Jesus, for more wonderful news.


Just another side note for my memory: When we went to the cardiologist last week to look at the new baby, Stan said it was like we were walking into a dream, and it SO was. We had to park at the other end of the hospital, so we had to walk alot farther. We travelled through places we had been before: near where Anniston was born and the NICU, where she was when she had her heart cath, and by the PICU which is where she was cared for after her stroke.

There were very few people around, but it seemed like the only people we were walking past were those who have been with us at some point. We walked past the head of the NICU, her blood doctor, the cardiologist's nurse...

One nurse actually stopped to talk to us because she remembered us from when Anniston was in the PICU. It took me a second to realize that she, Jennifer, was our amazing nurse during those tough days; she was such a kind, assuring, gracious person. I am so thankful we had her then, and I am also thankful to have run into her now. The first thing she said when she saw Anniston was how good her eyes looked. It kind of took us back because we don't ever even think about her eyes. Even her neurologist mentioned her eyes looking good at her appointment last month, and I guess I kind of shrugged it off because they have never mentioned them before (well, not since her stroke when they said there was no way of knowing if she would be able to track or not...which I guess I had forgotten). Well, apparently the fact that Anniston tracks so well with her eyes is a big deal considering her specific injury.

I can actually remember getting home with our four month old little girl who would not even look to her right, and we would lean down toward her right ear (so that hopefully she would look in that direction) and tell her that she was healed in the name of Jesus. Then, we would lean back and look into her eyes, praying that she could scan the room for us. It took a couple of days, but she did begin looking to the right. Some of that hinderance was because of the swelling in her brain that was still going down, but I now know that God was taking care of something else. I know He placed Jennifer in our path last week to remind us that there are so many blessings that we take for granted every day...He has spared us from so much and has healed our little girl.


Penny said...

Oh, that is such a wonderful blessing, Lindsey!! Anniston is such a beautiful little girl, and she is getting so big!!!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love that story- I love how God reminds us of where He's brought us from. Thank you for sharing that.

Kristen T said...

Beautiful! How great is our God! She is so precious! BTW we are going to have an Anniston in our family! (My sister is having another girl!)

"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

Oh how BIG is our God!! As you described where you were in the hospital I could visualize each point of reference in my mind. I'm sure it did feel like a dream! Jennifer was such a sweetheart! I remember coming back in the NICU for a visit and she had arranged Anniston"s bed in a prettier setting and had her a beautiful pink ragmop teddy bear .... balloons on her bed too. What a special gift from God she was to each of us during that difficult time. Now, we see a beautiful smart heart healthy little girl!! Dad and I.give thanks and praise to the HEALER, Jesus Christ! What an AWESOME report!

Her pictures are so sweet! Kisses and hugs to her!

Love you!
Mom "GG"

Carey said...

First off, Praise the Lord for such a great report! Can't wait to see Anniston & how much she has grown!
That story brought tears to my is amazing how much we have been sheltered from. I was reminded recently the Lord doesn't mind one bit when we say thank you for something more than once. He relishes it! A grateful heart is a wise one!
Love you!