Friday, July 22, 2011

starfish birthday party

Here are the pictures, finally, from Anniston's starfish birthday party last month. She LOVES stars, so that was the inspiration for the party. Crazy that she is TWO! Most things are homemade/I already had.

(*Oh, and do note that when I put the little "m" on some of my pictures, it's just because of the up-close nature of the certain subject of the pic...not because I think the quality of my images is anything special...because I know it's not. BUT, the sweet subject sure is! :)

Invitations. With personal stuff blurred out.

The entrance.


These cupcakes were AMAZING. I did decide to order cupcakes this year, and I am so glad I did...for time and taste's sake :).

With Aunt Meg.

With GG. My dad really was here, but I don't have a picture of him :(... Since my mom was taking pictures during the party, I will blame her, ha.

Sweet tea in mason jars...well, sweet tea eventually was in them :). I thought "star" fruit sliced on the rim would be cute but soon found out that they were not in season (couldn't find at store), so we went for oranges instead. I'm thinking a whole orange slice maybe could be cut to look like a star if a little of the rind is left on? Not sure.

Grilled cheese cut into stars.

The little shovels in the food were fun.

Friends playing with our new kitchen from grandparents :).

Coloring with friends.

Pictures of Anniston at the beach the last three summers.

Pops grilled hot dogs.

Grammy...Stan's beautiful grandmother.

With Janjan and Pops.

Fruit salad.

Party favors: playdough with fish shaped cookie cutter and sand toy for molding dough.

Opening gifts in her birthday chair from grandparents.

This is how she was the whole time opening gifts from her sweet friends...tired, laying back, not really interested :).

She received some really fantastic books! A great gift!

Sweet love.

The guys played bag-o and stayed longer than anyone else...impressive.

Friends at sand and water table.

Birthday girl.

She is a joy :).

Love you, sweet girl!


randi frazier anderson said...

So beautiful- the party and the birthday girl! :) You could do this professionally...seriously. I'd like you to plan our parties from now on, too, please. ;)

Lindsey Walpole said...

The birthday pics are too cute. Love the starfish theme and Anniston is a doll! You really know how to plan and decorate for a party! :)

misti said...

Sooo gorgeous! I'm with the other girls, could seriously go into business! Happy birthday, sweet little girl!

"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

Looks like you have a new business venture! Your friends are right! You could do this professionally! I've always been so proud of your creativity. We had so much fun with the birthday girl!!

Hugs and kisses,

P.S. oh, and sorry I missed getting a picture of grandpa! Too much excitement going on! Ha!

jessie said...

will you start planning o's parties?!? it was all so cute!

Penny said...

When I have a kid, I want you to plan the parties!!! Adorable!

WoodardFamily said...

SO cute as usual! Happy Birthday to Anniston! How big she looks.

Melissa Read said...

What a cute party! I know y'all had lots of fun! Sawyer's 2nd birthday will be here before I know it! Ah!
Love and miss you, sweet friend!

Bee-Vine said...

Precious party! You out did yourself. Love reading your blog!

Briley Cotton said...

The decorations are so fabulous!! Tell Anniston 'Happy Birthday!'

Pam Scott said...

Happy Birthday to Anniston!
It's hard to believe she is already two years old! Thanks for sharing the pictures of her fabulous party! I'm a big fan of the Martin/Groll Family and I loved seeing everyone again through your blog. It looks like Anniston has lots of reading to do, and she will be a fun "big 'sis" to Charlotte!
Love and hugs to you all!
Pam Scott