Thursday, September 8, 2011

catching up and a God story

Bad blogger, yes I am. I feel like all I have done the last few weeks is paint. A friend of mine asked me to display some of my pieces in her new store which is opening tomorrow, and I have completed nine fairly large canvases for her. I will share more details and pictures soon...I feel blessed to have this opportunity :).

So needless to say, poor Charlotte's room has been on the back-burner. It is in order for today and this weekend though...sweet girl, I love you.

Anniston started MDO this week! She is liking it I think. I'm liking it...I think :).


Now that I am half-way caught up, I have a story that i have been MEANING to tell you for FOREVER. Really, it is embarrassing how long I have withheld this tale.

Let me see if I remember everything correctly (Beth Ann, let me know if I have missed something or written something wrong!)...

When I was pregnant with Anniston, this sweet little family a couple of states away was expecting a little girl as well, and their due date was near ours. WELL, they were planning to name their little girl Anniston Claire also! Completely separate from us...had never had any kind of contact with us and came up with the same name at the same time. CRAZY to me because I had A: never heard of the name Anniston before as a first name and B: had obviously never heard of the name with the same middle name that we had already chosen...Claire.

How we found each other: Beth Ann (Anniston Claire's mom), found this cute store on Etsy that sold personalized tea sets, and she ordered one for the little baby she was expecting. One night, they were trying to find a picture of the tea set online, so her husband just decided to google something like "Anniston Claire tea set" (I am probably butchering this). When the results popped up on Google, he immediately noticed that my mom's blog came up as one of the first hits asking people to fast and pray for our Anniston Claire!

Their family was moved by our story and knew that God wanted them to pray for our Anniston as they expected their sweet Anniston. They are an AMAZING, Godly family. How neat is that?! They asked their friends and family to pray, and they really partnered with us on their knees for our little girl. Through my mom's blog, they found mine, and they kept up with our story until Anniston was born...



They were born on the EXACT same day with the EXACT same name. And, I even think the time was almost the same? And maybe something else? I might need to be reminded, Beth Ann, if you are reading this! ha

We have remained friends and in contact from the beginning, and my mom is even super close to Beth Ann's mom now!

Immediately after they found us, Beth Ann knew she needed to send us a tea set, too, so we have one of our own! A custom Anniston Claire set to remind us of our wonderful, new friends! (tried to find the store on Etsy for a link, but can't find it:( ) Isn't it adorable?:

Speaking of adorable, is their Anniston Claire with her tea set at her second birthday party!:
SO sweet! Okay, she is just so so beautiful. I HOPE to meet them someday! These little girls will have the BEST tea party, I am sure :).

And, here is Anniston with her mom, Beth Ann! Isn't she beautiful, too?!

I feel so incredibly blessed and humbled to be able to share this story that could only have happened because of God. Their consistent prayers for us have meant more than they could ever know... we would not be where we are today without everyone's faithful prayers.

I mean, that's a pretty neat story, right? Same name and same birthday. And, maybe even the same something else that I cannot remember, ha. Jesus, you are so good and personal... Just another confirmation that He knows each of our names and every detail about us all.


Lindsey Walpole said...

What a cool story! God is so personal! :)

misti said...

I love stories like these! God has had His hand all over your little girl's world!

Stephanie17 said...

Beth, your daughter is sooooo adorable. I love your story. I am finishing on my stories too, but it's not finish yet, but it will be soon. God bless you!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Fleener said...

Oh my! I burst out in tears while reading this! Isn't it amazing how God works! He gave both of your babies the same name so that He can work in and through you both! What a wonderful testimony to have!