Monday, September 12, 2011

first day!

Just wanted to document Anniston's first day of "school" last Tuesday. :) It was a very cool start to the week, so we were able to pretend that it was fall and wear our long sleeves. She would NOT look at the camera on this day. I made the mistake of telling her that we were "going to see her friends" before I pulled out the camera, and she was just so ready...bag in hand.

I really do think she likes going, and I know it's only two days a week, but I still had a little trouble the first day. Nothing major, and I really wasn't worried about her; it was more of a guilty feeling. I think more of the guilt came from me knowing that her teachers probably aren't making her stand like we would be doing at home or working with her doing our exercises/homework from therapy. BUT, I know the benefits will outweigh those things for just a few hours a week because she is getting some much needed interaction with other children and even with other adults which will, prayerfully, boost her development.

SO, to distract myself from those feelings and to make it a fun thing, I focussed on her cute "gear" and thinking of lunch ideas :).

Here is her cute mouse lunch bag and her backpack. How clever is the cheese zipper on the mouse bag? :)

And here was her lunch. Peanut butter sandwich with veggie sticks, cheese, prunes, and applesauce...yes, our girl can eat. Actually, she has been a bit picky lately (where did this come from?), so I just packed as much as I could fit so she would get enough, ha.

Speaking of her being picky, I have decided to take the Babywise Mom's approach, and I am making sure to prepare her things that I know she likes (or asks for) for breakfast and lunch while being sure to give her what we are eating for supper, making sure there is at least one thing on the plate that I know she likes...with no compromises (not preparing her something completely different after she refuses...she will not starve herself, believe me). This way, I can keep introducing/re-introducing foods. She seems to be doing alot better with this approach. And, I am not going crazy trying to become the short-order cook that I swore I would never be...but was becoming! She was refusing things that she should like, though, so I really think it was more of an acting out thing...I'm learning.

Whew, that was a tangent... all in all, I think Mother's Day Out is going well, and I am thankful that she has the sweetest teachers! And, I will admit that it has been nice for me to run errands by my pregnant myself without needing to lift a toddler :).


Lydia & GT said...

SHE IS SO CUTE! You are better than me, I kinda fix whatever Audrie likes, my husband is more of a stickler and makes her eat whats on her plate. I am a picky eater especially when it comes to veggies so I guess I feel her pain. :)

Penny said...

I hear Babywise is amazing. So many really awesome parents have recommended it to us, so we'll definitely be following it when we have a kid!!

Your sweet daughter is adorable. Can't wait to "see" the next one!! =)

misti said...

Awww baby doll! She's precious in her school clothes!

I think you're right about the interaction with other children! We noticed a difference in my niece after she started going to "school" :)

Kristen T said...

Aww! I don't know what I'm going to do when Aubs goes off to "school"! It's bitter sweet! You are such a good mama! I have been battling the picky eater too. It's hard not to just give in and give them what they want!

The McCormick Family said...

We are soulmate-friends:)I love the mouse lunch bag. I just bought the owl version for a friend's baby shower gift!

Perhaps we will be neighbors one day...our plan is to move further south in a few years.

"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

Awe.. brought tears to my eyes thinking of her going to school ...even though I've been there and LOVED the place too! ha! She seemed very excited to be there as well. She's SO adorable and so glad you both have this time to interact with others. :) Good for you both!

Love yall!
mom "GG"

Anonymous said...

Love her labels. Did you do those yourself?


lindsey said...

Hey Nancy!

I did not make the labels...wish I could! I found them on this site:

They have held up very well so far...even in the dishwasher :).