Thursday, September 22, 2011

little sis

We saw baby Charlotte this week! On a sonogram :). She looks beautiful, is big and healthy, and although she is pretty crammed, she has plenty of amniotic fluid, for which we are very thankful. My doctor actually was thinking my uterus was measuring slightly small, but when we did the ultrasound, it showed that Charlotte was measuring 5lb 8 oz!! That is crazy to me that she could be that big already! I am 34 weeks today, by the way... Well, I asked my doctor if the weight is ever very far off on a sonogram (because that just sounded so big!, and somehow I haven't gained more than I did with Anniston), and he said it can be off up to 20%...that's a pound at this point. Oh well, I am just SO very grateful to have another confirmation of a healthy baby, and it really just warmed my heart to think that she is doing so well! And could even be big!

She looks JUST like Anniston's sonogram pics to me. I know they're all fuzzy and generally look similar, but that profile with the chubby cheeks and pouty lips is all big sis.

OH, and we set the date for my section on October 26. I have a feeling it will change once they start checking how far I am progressing, because when I went in with Anniston at 37.5 weeks for the induction, I was 3cm 80% and was starting to have some regular contractions. I know it was a different situation though with a different baby, so we'll see!

Like every other pregnant woman, I get asked a lot "how are you feeling?", so I will just answer right here! :) I am feeling great. I have had some Braxton Hicks lately that I don't remember feeling this often with Anniston...not painful, just tight every now and then. And, I have had round ligament pain in my right lower abdomen usually if I stand up too quickly...not very often and really not bad. It is getting a bit harder to get up and down with Anniston, and I am having to rest a little bit more (nap when she naps). But other than that, I feel pretty energetic and refreshed, especially knowing that the start of fall is right around the corner: *think 4:05am tomorrow!!!

I think that is all of the Charlotte updates for now!


"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...
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"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

Our precious sweet little Charlotte has already stolen my heart just like her big sis has already done!!! Get lots of rest my beautiful daughter... GG's coming to help you real soon!

mom "GG"

Lindsi Hanchey said...

They told me Lou was going to be 9 lbs. She was 7.1, so do not put too much stock in the sono estimates!

Deb said...

Glad everything is great! I keep picturing you all sometime in the future....all in sock monkey jammies :) . Maybe Stan needs some, too. Red is a manly color!

misti said...

How sweet! 5 lb 8 oz...maybe Miss Charlotte will be having an early birthday party! :) Love reading your updates!

Penny said...

How precious!!! Well, if she comes a day early, I can share my birthday with her. =) Glad to hear she and you are doing well!!