Tuesday, October 25, 2011

randoms via the day before :)

I cannot believe tomorrow is the day! I just wanted to document what we have been up to these last few days as a family of three and to share more prego stuff for my memory!

So, it kind of feels like we are about to be first time parents to a brand newborn baby...does that phrasing make sense? Stan and I have been talking about how we didn't really fully take care of Anniston for the first month. I know that happens to a lot of people, so maybe some of you have been there, too, if your baby didn't come home right away? The nurses took care of her, for sure and especially at night, so we pretty well got some good sleep (minus waking to pump every few hours but no big deal...tmi?) Anniston even came home from the hospital on a schedule, so that was a plus, too! Don't get me wrong, I am so so so glad that this should be different with a completely healthy baby and that we don't have to sit anxiously by the phone at night hoping that the nurse won't call (wouldn't trade that for the world!)...it just all feels very new still! Pray we will know what to do! ha

Oh, and not to mention the delivery! It is so different anticipating the delivery this time. I don't think I have ever shared many details of how Anniston got here, and it is because it was kind of not the best time (could have been much worse though, so still thankful), and I didn't want to scare anyone away since what happened to me is not very common. I will just share one part because it is the main aspect that seems so strange/exciting to me right now. When I was in labor, my epidural only worked on half of my body (really not fun, especially with all the fun pitocin...), so when I had to go in for the section, they could not get me numb all the way and had to put me to sleep without Stan in the room. It was SO weird not seeing my baby come out of me! I had always anticipated that and never thought of any other option that would prevent me from at least seeing her. She kind of didn't feel like she was mine when I saw her a few hours later, but that is a whole other post ha. I was just SO thankful she was okay, so none of that mattered at all at the time. ANYWAY, I am excited to see Charlotte this time! So many new things!

And, after my pre-op appointment at the hospital today, I am a teeny bit nervous, so you can pray for that, too :).

Okay, I have to document this because these have probably been my biggest craving. Yes you heard me...craving. Stan makes fun of me all the time because I think I could just eat the whole bottle in one sitting. And, no I have not done that! Pretty sure that's not advisable. Anyway, I do chew a few, ahem, a day. Listen, I just never knew they had Wintergreen flavor! I thought they were always just those nasty, chalky fruity kind, but these are SO good. And, I guess I need my calcium too, so plusses all around!

Saturday, we had a fun day just the three of us. We needed to pick up a few last minute things at the grocery store, and our new store has grocery carts for the kids! Anniston LOVED pushing it, and for a little while, Stan pushed her in it and won all kinds of daddy points from the other ladies in the store :). Oh, and then he took her to the playground without me that afternoon and won even more points. He's doing gooood :).

Like mother like daughter...notice here that she is going after my tums :).

That morning, we also went to the farmer's market to pick up a few things and took a few quick pictures of her with the pumpkins!

She kept looking at Stan :).

Almost fell off the pumpkin prop...

Sweet smile, sweet girl. I must point out that she has just been the sweetest little girl lately. Not that she wasn't sweet before, but I think she is just growing up. Maybe she knows something is changing? Although she is nice to everyone else, she does seem to show me lots of extra love lately, which I will gladly accept and soak up :). She actually just jumped all over my stomach trying to give me love a few minutes ago, so pray that she gently loves me (and Charlotte) over the next few weeks, ha.

Okay, I will try to post pictures asap tomorrow afternoon! Thank you so much for praying for us!

***OH, also, Anniston has been doing SO much better walking the last week!! I know it is because of you guys praying! Thank you!!


Emily B. said...

I am so excited for you that Charlotte will be arriving tomorrow! I was just thinking about you. I wanted to send you a text, but I just realized how late it is. I hope you are getting some rest. I can't wait to see pictures of Charlotte. I am glad to hear that Anniston has been walking better this past week. Anniston and Charlotte are truly blessed to have a wonderful mother like you. I'll be praying for you!

Deb said...

Lindsey and Stan...praying for you all. Never even thought about the fact you'll be doing many things for the first time with Charlotte (such a pretty name!) so I will pray about that, too. Bringing a new baby home is different for everyone....depending on the baby's sleep patterns. I am praying she is going to be one of those who sleep through the night quickly. I am so glad you live closer to your Mom and Jan now. That will so great for you. Also, so glad to hear Anniston is walking better! God's timing is perfect. Bless you all!

The Peek-A-Bootique said...

Praying for all of you today! Can't wait to see sweet Charlotte!

melanie said...

Hope everything goes great today!

Carey said...

I somehow missed this post earlier...I hope yall are all doing good! I LOVED getting to see all these sweet pictures of Anniston! She is just beautiful!