Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Here I am finally posting Christmas! The days are going by so fast! Loving it...tired alot of the time but really trying to soak it all up!! I can only imagine when Charlotte is mobile! ha (And, speaking of being mobile, Anniston is doing SO well in that area! Will update soon!)

Ok, so Christmas was wonderful this year. To be honest, I guess I had unreasonable expectations of myself, thinking that I could handle seeing our traditions to fruition as always: buying special gifts, fun outings, wrapping, decorating like usual, making Christmas treats, etc...all of the things that are fun but can be stressful, too. Add in a one to two month old and, well, it proved to be too much because I was just really tired the month of December :).

We did have fun, though, and it was SO special getting to explain the True meaning of Christmas to Anniston and feeling like she is in the beginning stages of getting to KNOW Jesus. I just wish I had taken more time to reflect...

When it was time to "pack up Christmas", I was about to put a book about Bethlehem in the tupperware container housing other holiday items when I felt a little tug saying "this story is not just for this time of the year." I just could not put the book away...I know it is a simple truth that most believers get, but it just hit me more than ever in that moment that these little girls are meant to hear this truth, not only of Christ's birth, but also of His life, death, and resurrection ALL year long from US. What a responsibility. What an honor.

Well, here is our Christmas!

Little People manger scene...Anniston loves.

Had fun wrapping and using scraps...

Made treats for neighbors.

And delivered...she loved having a "job" :).

Charlotte wearing an outfit that Anniston wore her first Christmas at 6 months...Charlotte is 2 months here!

We received some adorable outfits as gifts or found them on major sale... This super cute shirt was made by a sweet friend of Janjan's, and Charlotte has one, too!

Christmas Eve was spent with Stan's side of the family. We had a fun family day!

Digging into her Santa bag!

Charlotte was cozy with Pops...

Anniston got her very first bicycle! This trike has been great for her balance and coordination. I am looking forward to getting her to pedal more soon...will be so good for loosening up her muscles!

Now we're cozy with Grammy...

Christmas Eve night!

Next, we stayed the night with my parents and woke up at their house! This was our first time to wake up there with kids, and it was fun!

Our pictures did not turn out very great, and many of these are from our phones...will have to do better next year :). Anyway, this picture was kind of funny to me because at least it is showing the excitement/hurry that occurred, ha.

This is what she was going after! Her new little piano! It has its own stool and everything. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but Anniston and Stan have a special bond playing the piano. (The big one, ha.) She will sit next to him and strike the keys alongside her daddy...you can tell she feels like such a big girl doing what he does. She also hits the keys with her right hand some, so it is great for that reason, too. She loves it :).

Next, she opened her gift from GG and Grandpa: a dollhouse!!

With GG opening all of the boxes containing the kitchen, bathroom, people, etc...she LOVES her house!! ...especially the daddy...she drags him around everywhere :).

And, this is the house all put together at our house. Well, we were in the process of decorating it :).

Our only family photo. Stan had just opened his hat that I gave him (LA Tech hat!), and we weren't really thinking when we were taking the picture that he was completely "polo-ed" out ha. That is not all he wears, promise.

My mom gave my dad the best gift! He is an A&M Aggie, and for some reason, he never received his yearbook from his senior year...Well, my mom found it online! I need to sit down and look at it. I'm sure he was a stud...

Oh, and this was Charlotte's gift! I finally broke down and bought a carseat cover for her. It was time to frill things up a bit :).

So cozy.

That's all for now!


Kristen T said...

What a great Christmas! You are wonder woman for pulling off all of that during Christmas! And the wrapping looked awesome! :) Love you sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing beautiful updates! (all updates are beautiful!!!) Anniston is getting SO big and Charlotte.... wow! So beautiful and sweet!

And i think you are wonder woman! I barely got my gifts wrapped. Much less so lovely as yours! Very impressed!


Christi Cave

"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

I think my daughter is a WONDER WOMAN!! Love you and I treasure all these wonderful times with you! Much love to you and your beautiful little family!

Mom "GG"

lindsey said...

Um, no it's called CRAZY woman! I was exhausted and did not enjoy like I should have...not good. I way too often feel tired and behind on life!!

"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

Haha! What's funny is I called you "wonder woman" and had not read the posts before calling you that! I do admire you though sweet daughter! You're an awesome mom, wife and daughter! The way you minister to your children touches my heart deeply too.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos from what appears to have been a wonderful Christmas. I sure miss you. I love reading and catching up on your lives. As a SAHM myself I think you are amazing....how do you do much with your children and still have a gorgeously clean and tidy home is shocking. At the end of my days it looks like a tornado has hit....and his name is Judah! Josiah isnt far behind! catch up soon? if you email me your home telephone number I can call you as I have free international calling.

Pam Scott said...

Thank you so much for updating your blog with the Christmas photos. I love seeing all of the beautiful scenes of Christmas joy, and photos of the Martin Family. All of the decorations are lovely and well-done and your talents and attention to detail are an inspiration to me. I admire you so much for striving for excellence in all things, and I enjoy keeping up with you and Stan, and Anniston and Charlotte through your blog. I hope to get to see you all in person in Ruston sometime this year!
Happy 2012!

Pam Scott