Thursday, January 5, 2012


Charlotte is 10 weeks old, and this is a video of her from the other day :).

This little girl is just the sweetest...she melts my heart, and I want to soak up every moment! It seems every day that I notice her doing something new, and I feel like I am going to forget some of these sweet moments if I do not document them.

A few notes about Charlotte since birth:

* The first two weeks at home were probably the hardest even though she really has been a pretty easy baby all along. She was just really hungry and fighting sleep a good bit.

* The first two weeks at home, she only had two volumes: completely quiet and sweet or extremely loud and red-faced, ha. She has since found a light whine that I am okay with...if left to whine long, though, it can reach the super loud volume as I am sure is understood :).

* Now, she pretty much only cries when sleepy or hungry, as I am sure is understood as well :).

* She came home sleeping about 3 to 4 hours at night and has been sleeping 10 to 11 hours the last week (yippee).

* From the beginning, she has been super alert. (New to me since Anniston slept more than her during the day.) We had to return to the hospital for a weight check a couple of days after being discharged, and the nurse was amazed at her looking around so wide-eyed since most few day old babies are asleep when she sees them.

* Such a strong neck from the beginning. Rolled over at 6 wks...considered it a fluke. Now, she has been rolling since 8 wks.

* She could probably smile and "talk" during her entire waketime. LOVES to be talked to.

* Has had some reflux and has been on Zantac since 3 wks. Since adding Zantac, she seems to be falling asleep more easily.

* She has been a very eager and efficient eater from the start...such a blessing.

* At her well visit last Thursday (9 wks), she weighed 11 lb, 2.5 oz (50%), was 22 3/4 inches long (70%)...cannot recall head circumference, but I know it was 50%. Anniston was born in June and Charlotte in October, and Charlotte can fit into most of the clothes that Anniston was wearing her first winter at 6-7 months old (size 3-6 months).

* Had trouble with her 2 month immunizations...legs swelled and turned very red...she was inconsolable and crying out in pain like I have never heard. I was ready to take her to the emergency room, but Stan, the level-headed one, calmed us down. (I feel so bad about this because I think it was my fault, but I am going to share so that this hopefully will not happen to anyone else... After her shots, we came straight home, and since she was asleep, I let her finish her nap in the living room still in her carseat. Well, apparently with her diaper being snug and her legs raised for probably a couple of hours, the vaccine must have pooled in her leg...NOT fun. After letting her stretch, loosening her diaper, and giving her Tylenol, she calmed down and swelling disappeared.)

* I know people say this all the time: that they never knew they could love another baby as much as their first, blah blah blah, but now I know the saying to be true. My heart is full...


"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

Oh how SWEET!!! I'm ready to get in my car and drive over so we can have a talk too!! Loved hearing precious Charlotte have such an adorable conversation with her momma!

Enjoy each moment!
mom. "GG"

Judith said...

Charlotte looks so much like Anniston! They are both so precious! Glad everything is going well for you and your family!

Carey said...

Oh my goodness!!! PURE cuteness!! So glad she is such a good baby! Can't wait to see yall soon!

The McCormick Family said...

Love the video! She is such a doll! I think it is time for some sister shots...I'm sure those are easy to get:)

Loralu said...

SO HAPPY for you all!

Pam Scott said...

Charlotte sounds so sweet! Can't wait to meet her someday!

Melissa Read said...

I love that sweet video of Charlotte! I showed it to Sawyer the other day, and he LOVED watching her! He asked again this morning to watch the baby on the computer! :) So thanks in advance for helping our family get ready for our new addition!