Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a goal

This is a goal of teach these girls more scripture (and myself) and to encourage more creativity/learning at home. I have made these goals before. Usually they start out big; then life gets going, I feel overwhelmed, and this "fun time" at home becomes a chore to me.

SO for now, we are just taking some time on Fridays for this guided, fun play time that has a particular theme for the month. This website and their RRS Preschool posts have great guides, but please know that we have our own, much more simplified twist. I have to make it EASY for myself, or I would never do it.

We started in January with a "Winter" theme, and we both loved it!

First week:
Our scripture to talk about during the week.

That Friday, I made snowflakes out of flour tortillas while she was napping. "Recipe" here. Took just a few minutes.

They were ready when Anniston woke up, and she helped me "decorate" with powdered sugar while we talked about the verse.

Of course, I had to eat one, too :).

She absolutely LOVED this.

Then, she decorated a snowflake with do-a-dot markers. We love these markers.

Matching snowflake pictures. Anniston wasn't real interested in this activity :). It was a good opportunity to discuss colors and matching, though.

Our scripture for the second week.

Shaving cream in a ziplock to draw/write on. (White was our main color for the month (winter, snow) and didn't realize Stan's shaving cream was blue :)).

This was a cute idea from this source. Use white playdough to make animal/people tracks, much like they would make in the snow. Great for discussion.

Edible "snowballs". These were actually very good and will be a regular snack in the future!

GG was in town in time to help make these with Anniston.

Scripture for the third week.

Snow painting using a mixture of Elmer's glue and shaving cream. We BOTH loved this...smelled so clean, too.

Not super interested in gluing cotton balls onto snowman. Practiced counting the snowballs.

We made snowflakes fly and fall to the ground using a blanket. I had these foam snowflakes from Hobby Lobby, but you could just cut your own. She thought this was so fun and loved picking up the ones that didn't land back on the blanket. We counted often.

We then made a "fort" to read our winter book under, but now I am realizing that somehow making an "igloo" would have been fun, too.

The last Friday, we continued with the same scripture from the week before (was having a hard time finding another related to theme, and the one from the last week was speaking to me, so we just stuck with it :)).

Pushed "snowballs" into an empty water bottle to make a snowman. Can't remember where I found this...maybe Pinterest? Anniston really loved doing this activity. Great for fine motor skills. We counted cotton balls, and she spent a lot of the time screwing the lid on and off. If she would have been more attentive after filling the bottle, we may have decorated the "snowman" better, but I just pulled out a snowman sticker for her to put on him.

An impromptu snow sensory "bin". Aka: throw a bunch of white stuff into laundry basket. We had batting, cotton rounds, yarn, foam snowflakes, snowman cups, spatulas, tupperware, etc in our bin. Oh, and we added mittens after taking the picture.

It gave us an opportunity to discuss the winter, cold, snow, etc. We tried to talk about our scripture during the activities, too. I wish she would have been more interested that day, but that is just the way it goes :).

Some of the activities we left out and/or revisited during the week that followed.

We had fun, and I am excited about more fun days ahead, especially outdoor play.

PS: I realize that this poor child didn't really get to experience winter this year (not even close), but we did have winter inside I guess ha. Seemed strange talking about snow when she pretty much has no clue...not thinking she remembers the light dusting from last year :). Still wishing I had bought some InstaSnow...

SO, I am glad about how we are approaching this time now. I don't spend a lot of time trying to make it perfect...we just play.


Carey said...

What great activities!!! We have been memorizing scripture for the last month or so and I have been so amazed at how Emerson is enjoying it! The Lord is so faithful to plant His word in our hearts!
Thanks for sharing the great ideas!!! Will have to borrow some ;))

Penny said...

What a really cool idea!! Thanks for sharing! =)

Lindsey Walpole said...

Love these ideas.

The McCormick Family said...

This is so fantastic! I love the scripture idea and you have helped me find a new use for our kitchen chalkboard! They are never too young to start hearing it, right? :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Lydia & GT said...

That is so wonderful! Sometimes (alot of times) I get overwhelmed too but I know its because I put so much on myself instead of letting the Lord have the control! Love this and cant wait to hear more!

"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

Wonderful ideas, Lindsey! Warms my heart to see my grands learning God's Word! I also, loved looking at the sweet pictures!! :)

Love y'all!
Mom "GG"

jewels said...

This is AWESOME Lindsey!
Thanks for the inspiration!