Thursday, February 2, 2012

just in case you didn't know...

I do NOT have it all together!! Apparently, from the comments on the last post, I must appear that I do....SO not the case!! I know you were being kind, so thank you, but please know that pictures are usually taken from an angle to where the pile of toys is not showing :).

I so. very. much. appreciate when other people are honest about their struggles and about the fact that they are not perfect because it makes me feel better that I am not alone. SO.... here is a little more about us:

*There are MANY mornings that we wake up like this. Sorry, Anniston.

*I am very tired much of the time. Mornings are harder for me than they should be.

*I have skipped washing my hair more often than I am proud to admit since little Charlotte arrived.

*You may or may not be able to see the floor in Anniston's closet right now. It's her new favorite place to play...

*I battle the guilty feeling that I am doing all of my "jobs" halfway sometimes...a wise woman reminded me the other day that I just HAVE to let it go, so I am working on that.

*Was about to clean off the counter the other night when I realized I should take a picture first for you guys...

*Note the just a shirt.

*Poor Charlotte too often wears her pajamas to Anniston's therapy in the mornings. With pants :). Or, it may be a gown. But, I like gowns...they are comfy and sweet.

*My baseboards haven't been sufficiently cleaned since we moved in a year ago.

*I used to be exhausted with just Anniston, feeling like I could not get anything accomplished. Now, if I just have one of them for a little bit, it seems so easy, and I feel like I can get so much done ha. Funny how perspective changes. (And, for all of you who have one, I still think it was very hard then, too. I guess you are putting your whole self into the role either way, so it can always be overwhelming...if we let it be.) (And, those of you who have three or more children, you are probably laughing at me right about now.)

* I am behind on painting. Anything "extra" to do happens at night. Or doesn't happen.

* I am sure I will keep thinking of more things to add...

*We may not be perfect, but we are just trying to soak up these fleeting days. Anniston was "reading" to Charlotte here...special memory I want to always cherish...for many reasons.

I have been reminded more often than I can count lately of the fact that guilt needs to be laid down, and joy needs to be picked up every matter how many things I did NOT get checked off of my list for the hundredth day in a row.

I feel so blessed with our family. Just wanted you to know that LOTS of things are on the back burner right now and that myself and my house are dirty... The end.


The McCormick Family said...

Love your honesty! My goal is to pick up Hayes's toys every night after he goes to bed...but that doesn't include my messes that I leave around:)

I love seeing pictures of your girls together! They are growing so fast!

misti said...

I love this! And that first picture cracked me up...that's how I feel almost every morning, Anniston! I love those pictures of them together! Sweet, sweet babies.

P.S. I think the last time my baseboards were cleaned was when I had a housekeeper...2 and 1/2 years ago. LOL!

Magen Friedmann said...

I love keeping up with you on your blog! I am exactly where you are. Messy floors, counters, etc. I have every good intention and cleaning when they are down for naps, but I'm just too tired and usually sit and rest during that time. I have to keep telling myself, my goal in life is not to have a clean house or great meals. It's to have happy kids and be the best mom I can.

Your girls are soooo cute!!

Frazier's Family said...

You're so great. I love it! Your girls are so blessed to have such a sweet mommy. :)

Kristen T said...

Oh, real life! Thanks for that! We are all in the same boat. We also have to remember that all of us only get 24 hours in a day. No one gets more! So we just have to focus on the priorities and everything else will just have to catch up some point! :) Love ya!

"GG"s Heart 2 Home Notes said...

Haha!! Love you, Lindsey! That first picture of Anniston cracked me up... too funny! Also, Anniston reading to Charlotte is absolutely precious!

I just told dad yesterday we need to budget a housekeeper again and it's just the TWO of us! Ha!

Much love!
Mom "GG"