Tuesday, April 10, 2012

this little girl...

She has my heart.

I cannot even begin to tell you. She and her sister...it's deep, this love.

Hmm...a little about Charlotte right now at 5 1/2 months (I guess almost all pictures of the second child wind up being taken with the phone (at least for me)...Easter pictures coming though) :

She is a wonderful sleeper...7 to 7 when in our normal routine. We try to stay on somewhat of a schedule during the day, but big sister has such busy days that tend to differ somewhat. Cat naps in the car are pretty common, but at least she is easy going...

I remember Charlotte's delivery day. As soon as she made her appearance, she screamed so loud, and the nurse said that I better watch out. Then, when another nurse would bring her to me to feed during the night, she would say "you aren't going to need an alarm clock with this one!" She was so loud, and the first couple of weeks at home, I was worried about what kind of baby she would be ha. BUT, ever since about that two week mark, I guess her belly was filled to her liking, and she has been an angel of a baby ever since. We of course have our moments, but 99% of the time, she is just so sweet and happy.

She does seem to have a little separation anxiety at times. If someone else is holding her and she hears or sees me, she may get upset...not as common now, but it was pretty bad a couple of months ago.

She is grabbing her toes...

Playing in her exersaucer lots...

Rolling from back to tummy for maybe a month or so now...rolls over to sleep on tummy in bed. Not as big of a fan of rolling from tummy to back...in fact, it is pretty uncommon now.

Blows bubbles and talks lots...

Isn't a huge paci girl during sleep like her sister was but likes to fall asleep with it at times...then spits it out :). Lately, she seems to be ok going down without the paci.

Is so very loving...

And LOVES her sister...even though Anniston pokes her eyes and lays on her tummy/back lots.

She probably loves her daddy most :).

She has been laughing more lately. Here is a video of her laughing with Pops (he has gotten the best laughs out of her so far :) :

We (and others) often say that she is so "bright" (as in such a light/happy/joyful).

Often, others say she looks like a little baby doll...probably the pudgy cheekers :). (Anniston was always called a little "peanut" by others...small girl.)

Charlotte is about 15 pounds!! Crazy to me because Anniston was much smaller. She is wearing 6 to 9 month clothes and sometimes even bigger. Charlotte is 50th percentile in everything but is somehow 90th in height...that has to be wrong and will probably change. Anniston is barely on the charts for height!

Two favorites that I meant to document forever ago:

I LOVED picking her up out of carseat or bed when she was waking up...she always curled herself into a little ball and arched her back to stretch while lifting her. I think she has grown out of this now :(...

Also would always talk when we rubbed/tickled her belly.

Charlotte tried rice cereal for the first time about a week ago. We tried to hold out until 6 months, but she began to seem hungry after nighttime feed. Here is a video :).

If interested, here is Anniston's first cereal experience :). They both are good eaters...get it honestly.