Saturday, June 30, 2012

the little's room

I saw yesterday that Kelly's Korner is doing Show Us Your Life:  Nurseries and Kids' Rooms this weekend, so I thought I'd join since I realized I never shared pictures of baby C's nursery!  Her room did not feel fully complete to me when she was born, and I am sure it could still use a bookshelf (or this beautiful woven basket I have been eyeing but is for sure too pricey), but I am pretty okay with how it looks now.  Just simple :).

It's a mixture of coral, pink, peach, tan, and white...

This is her bed with the bumper...I decided to let her sleep without it...  The bedding is white linen, and I do love it :).

There are no pictures of lady A's room because a) I forgot and b) it is terribly incomplete since she recently moved to a "big girl bed", and I am stuck on what to do next!

Sorry for the brevity...we are on day #2 of a "no more playing around, you are going to be potty trained this weekend" weekend...I will just say it is going differently than I expected!!!  Ahhh!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

from today...

A new game to play :).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

beach 2012

car loaded down...oh all the baby gear

 my precious baby...she was so easy at this point :)

 night time is my favorite in seaside

 had just started rocking on all fours

going to the donut truck tradition has begun 

 janjan has the touch

 and so does gg :)

I think this was her first toes in sand experience 

 date night :)

and now the blooper reel that explains why you don't put off family pics...because there may be hurricane force winds (exaggerating but not by much):

 poor Anniston

 back under cover

 working hard to look solemn

Anniston loved the beach and warmed up to the swimming pool this year.  She would hesitantly let us hold her in the water, and watching "friends" swim was a big help as far as getting in went.  Charlotte kicked and had fun in the pool.  She definitely was super easy going at this little motor boat (sound she makes with her mouth) :).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

we have returned

Wow, blink an eye, and three weeks have passed!

We have been away on a couple of trips but are back now!  I seriously have so many things to catch up on...

Love these sweet girls.  Can you guess where we went?? :)

Monday, June 4, 2012


Okay, so this is a subject that I have wanted to revisit for a while now, but I knew it could probably get wordy and take me a while, so I put it off.  Anniston's speech.  I am still going to put off my long, detailed post for a few more days...maybe next week it will happen :), but I just want to say that true miracles are happening.

This little girl does not talk much; she is not putting two words together; her words do not always sound right; I have to coax words from her sometimes; and sometimes her words sound nothing like what she is trying to say. She has never called me mama or Stan daddy without being prompted (and, I'm not saying that to feel sorry for us or anything, because as much as it would warm our hearts, I just want her to keep saying anything at all.  I don't care what it is...make sense?)  It is coming though, and it is seriously such a miracle because she had only a few words just a few months ago.

She may not say much...

BUT I can hold up any letter of the alphabet, and she will tell me what it is (doesn't always sound perfect, but I can tell that she knows...sounds close enough).  She does get "M" and "N" confused though...they are both "M" ha.  I think she knows numbers 1-10, too, and every color and shape.  I can get her to point to any of these.  She understands everything so well, and sometimes because she cannot talk very well, I take for granted how much she really does know and is soaking up.  Just this little bit of speech that she has acquired has helped us to build on what she knows and to see just how much she really is "getting".

Today, we were putting together the puzzle above, and she did so well saying the letters and then putting them where they go.  (Thank you Janjan and Pops for the bday present. :))  I am just reminded of how very far she has come.  And, I am so thankful.

*There is much more to this subject, so another post will come soon.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

the truth

Ok, so I must be boring or just busy these days, because I am already having a hard time thinking of something to say!  I know that I said I would blog every day for a week (and I am!), but I am realizing how hard this is for me!

I know this is a cop-out because this a post someone else wrote, but I wanted to attach a link because it has made me think lately.  It has made me ponder the TRUTH that I have all that I need.  Click here :).

Psalm 23:1  "The Lord is my Shepherd.  I have all that I need."

Saturday, June 2, 2012

special day

Happy Birthday, Anniston!!

We had such a great day filled with special family and friend time :).  Anniston had her favorite ice cream yesterday afternoon, and this morning, daddy made pancakes, we went to a local bookstore (one of her favorite places because they have a train table), and we had Mexican food for lunch (another favorite...she loves the chips and dancing to the music.)  After nap, she had a little party, and I think she was somewhat overwhelmed by all of her favorite people being in one spot...didn't want us to sing Happy Birthday to her until there were just a few of us.

She did seem to have a good day, though, and to top it all off, Anniston had some quality time with me and Stan on the couch tonight, watching a movie and eating popcorn past bedtime!  She ate this up...

We just love you so much, sweet girl.  You challenge us at times and keep us on our knees, but you also have a heart so full of love and kindness.  I LOVE the way you love Charlotte and play with her so gently.  You possess the most determination about life, and you have the friendliest little heart with people your age.  I pray that you know the love of Jesus always and seek to bring Him glory.

I am tired and want to write more about our girl but will have to later :).  And, maybe by then I will have pictures from the day uploaded from my camera.

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!