Wednesday, June 27, 2012

beach 2012

car loaded down...oh all the baby gear

 my precious baby...she was so easy at this point :)

 night time is my favorite in seaside

 had just started rocking on all fours

going to the donut truck tradition has begun 

 janjan has the touch

 and so does gg :)

I think this was her first toes in sand experience 

 date night :)

and now the blooper reel that explains why you don't put off family pics...because there may be hurricane force winds (exaggerating but not by much):

 poor Anniston

 back under cover

 working hard to look solemn

Anniston loved the beach and warmed up to the swimming pool this year.  She would hesitantly let us hold her in the water, and watching "friends" swim was a big help as far as getting in went.  Charlotte kicked and had fun in the pool.  She definitely was super easy going at this little motor boat (sound she makes with her mouth) :).

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