Saturday, June 2, 2012

special day

Happy Birthday, Anniston!!

We had such a great day filled with special family and friend time :).  Anniston had her favorite ice cream yesterday afternoon, and this morning, daddy made pancakes, we went to a local bookstore (one of her favorite places because they have a train table), and we had Mexican food for lunch (another favorite...she loves the chips and dancing to the music.)  After nap, she had a little party, and I think she was somewhat overwhelmed by all of her favorite people being in one spot...didn't want us to sing Happy Birthday to her until there were just a few of us.

She did seem to have a good day, though, and to top it all off, Anniston had some quality time with me and Stan on the couch tonight, watching a movie and eating popcorn past bedtime!  She ate this up...

We just love you so much, sweet girl.  You challenge us at times and keep us on our knees, but you also have a heart so full of love and kindness.  I LOVE the way you love Charlotte and play with her so gently.  You possess the most determination about life, and you have the friendliest little heart with people your age.  I pray that you know the love of Jesus always and seek to bring Him glory.

I am tired and want to write more about our girl but will have to later :).  And, maybe by then I will have pictures from the day uploaded from my camera.

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!


Brooklyn said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Anniston!!! You are getting so big!

Kristen T said...

Happy belated birthday to Anniston!