Sunday, June 3, 2012

the truth

Ok, so I must be boring or just busy these days, because I am already having a hard time thinking of something to say!  I know that I said I would blog every day for a week (and I am!), but I am realizing how hard this is for me!

I know this is a cop-out because this a post someone else wrote, but I wanted to attach a link because it has made me think lately.  It has made me ponder the TRUTH that I have all that I need.  Click here :).

Psalm 23:1  "The Lord is my Shepherd.  I have all that I need."

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The Albritton's said...

thank you for sharing that link! I am BOO HOOING! Cody just got back from Kenya and the stories he told of the joy of the people there are so much like what the little boy is describing. So challenging...