Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well, yes, it has been a while since A's birthday...don't judge :).  She had a good day and even woke up to a "3" shaped pancake that her daddy made.  I think in the picture after this one, she was crying...she was feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the love.  I love the cautious side of A and am thankful for that trait in many ways, but I am also grateful that she seems to be growing out of it a bit! :)  (Oh, and I just realized she was in a high chair on her third birthday...we sold our table and were waiting on the new one :).

Her party was on her actual birthday this year, so that was fun, but I do not know if I will do that again...I like being able to give them more attention on their special day!

This year, since "ice cream" is such a big thing to her (although the "ice cream" place that we frequent is actually yogurt...shhh), we decided on an ice cream shoppe/parlour theme.

 These are hamburger cookies (peanut butter cookies with brownie in the middle)...sugar overload.

 Ice cream sundae cupcakes

 Stan made milkshakes and even wore a diner hat...guess I didn't get a pic of that :).

A few friends from down the road came to the party.  The kids made ice cream cones out of balloons and party hats.  (Tied a string onto balloon and threaded through hole in hat.)  They decorated with stickers (sprinkles) and a red pom (cherry) on top.  I found this idea somewhere online but cannot remember where...

 They also decorated/wore diner hats.

 She was warming up :).  I love her sweet smile...

 The men guarded the grill...

Favors:  ice cream shoppe stickers from Michaels and ice cream bubbles from target.

 I love this girl immensely and am just overwhelmed by God's grace...thankful beyond belief that He gave her to us.

I hope I have time soon to tell you ALL that she is doing now.  It is almost unbelievable how God has opened her mouth to talk.  It feels like she has grown up so much even since this party.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

new york, new york

So, I really have had the best summer.  Not only did my parents move to our town (yikes, another post I need to get to!), but we have been blessed to take some wonderful trips and to spend some sweet time with family.  I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but I really do have the best in-laws.  They are the kind of family that would do ANYTHING for you (literally anything...I've heard Stan say about someone before: "you know, they're the kind of person who would lay down in the road for you"...well, that's them), and they are just so full of love and fun.  Besides my own mom, Stan's mom and sister are two of my best friends, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when they invited little ole me to go to New York with them!!

We had all been before, so with the touristy tasks behind us, we were just in for a grand time soaking up the city!  It was so. much. fun.  And, a refreshing break for me :).

The only thing scheduled that we for sure wanted to do was visit the 9/11 memorial.  It was very sobering...just unreal.  My first trip to New York was four months after the attacks...I can remember blinds still being crumpled in the trees next to the site.

The memorial was very well done and beautiful.

This was the view from our room looking out at Times Square.

 Outside our hotel at night.

We visited the Today Show.

And so did Chris Rock :).

The Met.

Okay, did not know you could go to the roof of the Met until this trip.  This was up there on my list of favorites from this visit...loved the view overlooking Central Park.

Umm, this is way up there on my list of favorite spots in New York, too.  The elm trees on "the Mall" in Central park.   I could perch myself on a bench, even (and maybe especially) on a gloomy day such as this, with the foilage hanging low for HOURS.  I just love this spot.  Looks like something out of a movie (hehe).

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Statue of Liberty from the bridge...

View of the Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Bridge.

All along, I was receiving the sweetest pictures of our girls from my amazing husband and mother.  So grateful they helped me go on a vacation!

Grand Central Station.

The ceiling is amazing.

Hmm, it seems as though all of my favorite spots in New York City involve trees...this was Bryant Park.  SO nice.

We saw Chicago on Broadway!

Before the show :).

We ate gooood.  (Le Grainne in Chelsea for breakfast)  Everywhere we ate was amazing.

Buvette in West Village...the best crepe EVER.  

Chelsea Market.  So incredibly neat.

Eating some more...cupcakes this time.

Highline Park.  Definitely a must-do.

Washington Square Park.

The Flatiron Building.

Dylan's Candy Shop!!!

A few other things we did:  Ate at So Sa Borella (yummmo Italian food), Stardust diner (people trying to make it on Broadway work there and stop to sing while waiting tables), and Eataly.  We planned to bike through Central Park but wound up letting a guy bike us through :), and we visited a couple of friends who live up there.  So fun!

Stan's mom found this website called A Cup Of Jo that gave us several ideas of where the "locals" love to visit and eat.  Really made the trip!

Ahh, we had such a great time!!