Sunday, October 21, 2012

another birthday coming :)

This little girl is turning one this can this be??

She has our heart :).  I just love love her sweet personality, and Anniston LOVES her, too.  We have our moments when it comes to sharing :), but overall, they hug and sugar and play together well.  

Sweet memory from last night:  After baths, Stan was getting the tv ready for a football game (boy) while the girls and I were playing "hair" (girly all the way).  Anniston "sprayed" my hair and brushed it for a while before moving on to Charlotte's hair.  She would "spray" her hair, set bottle down, brush so intently, set brush down.  All the while, little C was intermittently picking up the brush that had been set down so she could brush her hair, and if the spray bottle was down, she would hold it up to her hair or try to suck on it before I took it out of her mouth.  It was just so funny how they were so calm and quiet, just going along with their hair brushing/styling "duties" without a an old married couple finishing each other's sentences...they traded brush and spray like two so comfortable.  Then we moved on to bows and put them all over Charlotte's head as she pulled them out, of course...sweet memory.  I pray they are always close and strive to show the love of Jesus to each other. 

Also, here are a couple of semi-recent videos, mainly of the birthday girl.  I know they may not show up on a phone or iPad like they would on a computer.  I just don't have the energy to figure out another way! 

The first is of the girls on a trip to Target.  We don't always have pleasant outings, but this was a happy trip for them both.  I think there was music playing, and they were just swaying.

Playing piano and wanting to play without interruption :).

Dreft commercial from the other night:  "They will be your child forever, but they will only be your baby for a year."  Really?  Did they have to say that??